Kayaking down the International Douro river is navigating through the International Douro Natural Park. Here, the Douro river is flanked by banks and slopes of unparalleled beauty, where both flora and fauna are protected. You will also find a wild and rugged type of landscape with deep valleys carved by the waters of the River Douro .

The birds of prey can be seen and they are found here as it is the last stronghold to live in and procreate.

As unique species, some of these birds use the high cliffs of the valley to live and nest in, others only use these cliffs at the time of nesting .

These birds as well as the other land animals that uniquely appear to us including the flora around us, make this journey worthwhile and turns the land into an enchanted Valley, where the only thing that is present is nature at its purist and wildest!

                                   Multi-Day Expedition: Price on request 

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